What's better than living Christmas day with own family? All relatives come together and spend time at the same table, exchangig gifts, eating roasted turkey as lunch and converse till late. But, if you want to live the day in a different way, maybe going to the Cinema, we can suggest a couple of movies that will be released on 25th December.

"Live by night", the creature of Ben Affleck

After showing his mathematical side concealed by an instict killer mode, Ben Affleck back on track with "Live by Night": in this movie he plays as an outlaw, son of a prominent Boston police captain, in the roaring Prohibition years.

We are in an era where prohibit means of promoting lawlessness and the opportunity to gain power and money is there for any man with enough ambition, cruelty and nerve; Joe Coughlin is determined to live life to the hilt, so he decides to cross a powerful mob boss (Robert Glenister) by stealing his money and his moll. In this dizzying adventure setted by the Berkley's actor, the audience travels between flowing liquor, flying bullets, crossing cash and love with the fascinating Zoe Salanda. The cast also includes the well-known Brendan Gleeson, walking a mile in father's shoes, and Elle Fanning, 18 years old but already with a good film credits to her name.

Matthew McConaughey in Indonesia with "Gold"

Even Matthew McConaughey arrives at Christmas in his fourth movie performance of 2016, after "Free State of Jones", "Kubo and the Two Strings" and "Sing": "Gold" is a film based on the mining scandal of Bre-X Minerals Ltd. that had found gold in East Kalimantan. Its once penny-sized bringed in billions of dollars to the company following the announcement.

However, it was found out later that the discovery was merely a fraud. The actor from Texas play as an unlucky businessman, Kenny Wells, that seeks the shot of his life and finds it: with a group of geologists from him gathered, he finds gold in one of the most prolific mines in Indonesia, an amount of money equal to 30 billion dollars.

This incredible discovery will relaunch in the main world of business, Wall Street, but when the fraud will be revealed with the local authorities operations, things will start to take a turn for the worse. The story highlights one of the most striking aspects of the human personality, the perennial yearning gold, capable of bringing a man into the abyss when he starts to lose the money's touch. In the cast there are also the Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, as the chief geologist, and Bryce Dallas Howard, as the wife.