The reasons behind Marriage at First Sight

Finding love can be hard in this modern world especially now as communication has switched from the real world into the digital one it is more common to meet someone online than it is to meet them in a bar or a club. Where there are more and more dating shows with hopeful singles looking for that ideal match. In a world where there are so many different options daters maybe victims of having too much choice. How can your date or potential girlfriend or boy friend know what you want if you don't know yourself You start to question whether you are ever going to meet the right person, that person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Being without that right person can be hard especially if you have been on endless dates with oddballs and weirdo's and you are starting to tire of the whole dating game, Imagine the scenario where all your friends are happily coupled and you are still on the single`s bench. Perhaps you might think that this recent in the long line of dating shows might be for you.

The premise of the show

Although a bit different and a bit of a risk for the singletons that take part in channel 4 show #MarriedatFirstsightAU looks at helping them find a match this match won`t just be anybody oh no it will be the person they will marry. In a role reversal off proceedings this show follows the lives of two people who get marriedau and then spend their lives together to see If they can make their marriage work.

They will have to learn to deal with the challenges a marriage in a modern day world while still trying to get to know each other. The experts have paired them "using the latest psychological, anthropological and DNA matching techniques." But ultimately it will be up to the individuals to make the marriage work. They will be given six weeks after their honeymoon to live together as man and wife.

After that they come before the experts to tell them that they are going to either stay together or get a divorce. This dating show is the first of its kind and has just finished it`s second series in the UK originally a Swedish series it has also being commissioned in other countries such as #MarriedAtFirstSightAustralia and France.