USA Network has renewed its flagship original drama series Mr. Robot for a third season to air in 2017. The show is currently airing its second season, which will conclude on 14 September. The renewal comes hot on the heels of the show receiving six Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Just in case you shamefully haven’t seen it...

Mr. Robot stars Rami Malek (who was also in Paul Thomas Anderson's Oscar-nominated drama The Master, which I didn't know until I watched it yesterday and saw him in it, which was a lovely surprise) as Elliot Alderson, a vigilante hacker with social anxiety disorder and clinical depression, who teams up with fsociety, an underground group of hackers – or “hacktivists,” a term which cleverly combines “hacker” and “activist,” because they are activists who take action through hacking computer systems – led by Mr.

Robot (Christian Slater), to take down E Corp, a huge international banking and tech corporation, and cancel everyone’s debts and start anew and all that Tyler Durden/Project Mayhem jazz.

The show is inspired by Fight Club

In its style, Mr. Robot is similar to American Psycho and Fight Club, with Elliot's extensive introspective voiceover narration and the show's satirical anti-establishment attacks on big business and the life-consuming nature of social media. Creator Sam Esmail originally envisioned the show as a feature film, but realised whilst writing the screenplay that he had way too much material and story to tell and changed it to a serial drama in the vein of Breaking Bad with an overarching, continuous story instead.

Since its first broadcast, Mr. Robot has deservedly received massive critical acclaim and millions of viewers. USA predicted this before it even aired, and renewed the show for a second season before it even premiered. This time they've waited until a few weeks into the second season's broadcast, probably so they could make sure the show had longevity and a dedicated fanbase, which this new renewal shows it has.

Mr. Robot is broadcast on USA Network in the United States (although you wouldn't guess, would you?) and Amazon Prime and Syfy in the United Kingdom.