If you are a fan of wrestling, you probably want to know about the celebs who’ve recently dated your favorite Wrestlers. It is interesting to know that there have been some highly impressive and successful relationships in the world of wrestling. Some of the actresses and models even tied the knot with the male wrestlers. Due to several uncertainreasons, most of these relationships have ended up. Thus, the rate of successful marriages is very low. For example, it was rumored that Jennifer Aniston is dating Rey Mysterio. The two celebrities clarified during an interview that there is nothing between them, and media should stop making the headlines in this regard.

Now let me begin the roundup.

Sheldon Souray

Sheldon Souray rose to the limelight because of his slapshot. This professional hockey player fell in love with one of the WWE superstars, Kelly Kelly. Reportedly, this man got attracted towards pro wrestler Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly). Eventually, this relationship took another form and Kelly Kelly became the second wife of Souray. Don’t forget that he first tied the knot with Angelica Bridges of Baywatch. It seems that Sheldon is more into making new relationships. He and Kelly Kelly are together just like newlyweds, but we don't know if she is his final wife or not.

Sarah Jade

David Bautista is recognized in the professional wrestling as “The Animal” Batista.

He is not only a remarkable wrestler but also an incredible martial artist and occasional actor. Some of his movie projects are The Wrong Side of Town, and The Man With the Iron Fist. Mostly he is known as Drax the Destroyer due to his powerful performance in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. After gaining so much success, he became a choice of many Hollywood divas.

Sarah Jade is lucky to have dated David. Let me here tell you that Jade’s first wife was Glenda Bautista, his second wife was Angie Bautista, and Sarah comes at third place. We hope that it is now the final marriage of Bautista, but we are unsure.

Jeremy Piven

Back in 2009, the Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven made the news for being connected to female wrestler Kelly Kelly.

The two have even been photographed together. Jeremy had attended an NFL game with the blonde WWE female, but the two denied to accept their relationship before media persons.

Sherri Shepherd

It was in 2010 when The View co-host Sherri Shepherd was spotted with a wrestler, MVP. The same year, she made an appearance in an episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown and became famous in no time. When she fell in love with MVP, Sherri’s husband reportedly left her alone and their marriage ended up. Later on, it was revealed that MVP is escorting Sherri to the BET Awards, so the suspicions were confirmed. The lovely lady, nowadays, is battling for the custody of her son.