Let’s have a look at the weekly news about our favourite TV’s shows on television. What is going on? It has been a period of pleasant and unexpected surprises: lots of renewal and juicy guest stars were announced.

The Americans

Let’s start with positive updates: The Americans, Outlanderand UnReal have been renewed. FX’s spy Show The Americans has been renewed for a fifth and sixth final season. FX has always loved this critical-darling show, and it has decided to end the TV show in 2018. The latest ratings haven’t shined, but the spy-drama is one of the strongest one hour-long TV Series on air and it has received wide critical acclaim and much love by its network.

Well done, FX.

UnReal and Outlander

A similar treatment has been given to UnReal: Lifetime has decided to renew the show, before season 2’s beginning. The show has been praised by critics and received various nominations. It is not an hit for the network, but it’s one of the few shows that are shining. When you have a gem, you don’t dare to throw it away, do you?

There is also another double-season’s renewal: Outlander will have a third and a fourth season. The Starz time-travelling period drama is airing its second season at the moment. It has obtained critical acclaim and great results, therefore the network is incredibly confident.

Superman will finally appear on Supergirl. Various TV website are reporting that the iconic DC character will appear in season two’s first two episodes.

During the first season of the CBS-now-turned-CW show, Clark Kent has just been mentioned or had a brief hidden appearance. This will change: The CW has opened the casting for the role. The network wants to push the show’s buzz, in order to start with a bang. Will Smallville’s Tom Welling reprise his role as Clark Kent?

American Gods will have an X-Files’ guest star: Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully on the Fox’s TV series) will star as Media.

Media is a new-generation God that is willing to fight against the old mythical deities and takes her power from the obsessive-relationship between human beings and technology. Gillian will reunite with Hannibal’s creator Bryan Fuller: she has starred in the NBC’s show as the psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurieur.

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