In an interview with Ben of MS Films, Tim Partington asks some searching questions.

Exponential growth.

Ben, I understand that you have been seeing exponential growth in subscribers for yourYouTubeChannel, Ben MS Films. What do you think is driving this success and do you think that it will continue?

Ben: Urm, I think that the increase in views on the video I released about 11 months ago on my exam results, rocketing from 3k to 25k in under two months, is what has been driving my channel's recent success. Now exams are over my channel's growth will slow for a month or so, but hopefully, when GCSE, AS, and A-level exam results are released in August, my video on exam results will get another surge of views, hopefully allowing me to reach my goal of 1k subscribers by 2017.

What motivates Ben?

That's ambitious, it sounds like you need a lot of determination to be a YouTube star. What motivates you to work so hard on your channel?

Ben: It's the releasing of a video that motivates me to continue to make them and put in the hours of filming and editing that results in the form of a short 5-10 minute video. Almost all of the time I am filming something that I am interested in and that I think would entertain me. I think that if I'm enjoying myself, hopefully, the viewer will also have a good time, so for the majorityof the time every aspect of making videos I enjoy! However, sometimes the editing can get tedious and occasionally I am tired or ill and I really don't fancy making a video, this is when I think about releasing my video.

I am lucky that over the past year or so I have been able to build a fan base. Seeing the positive response I get from friends and strangers alike when I release a new video is the best part about YouTube. It is what motivates me most to put out new content every week.

Celebrity gossip.

That's very inspiring. Now I'm wondering if I can get a bit of celebrity gossip!

There was a girl in your last video and you and she seemed to have some terrific chemistry, do you think it will go further?

Ben: She's a lovely girl and we got on really well, but that doesn't mean that there is anything going on. We will just have to wait and see I guess. I mean we had a good time, she seemed to enjoy herself, it wasn't awkward and I said I'd like to see her again and she said yes, but I'm not getting any hopes up!

I'm just gonna keepeating healthilyand exercising- I've lost 15lbs now.

Any message for readers?

Aw, it's great when you meet someone else great, particularly when they're another rising star of YouTube! Just two final questions: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time and do you have a special message for my readers?

Ben: Where do I see myself in 10 years? Wel,l I hope to have reached 1 million subscribers and be making YouTube videos full time! I hope to be travelling around meeting other YouTubers and as many viewers as possible, filming everything and doing what I love as my career! As fora message for the readers,subscribe to Ben MS!