Our body, when it comes into a high dietary restriction, does not understand what is happening. He can not tell if the energy deficiency of power is because we want to lose weight or hope to stay healthier.

Imagine yourself in the desert, where there is little food, little water. What happens when you find food and drink? You will feel desire to devour the world and eat everything you see ahead, right? Nothing more natural, since our body believes that we must prepare for the next restriction, storing a part of what we eat, which makes weight loss.

What does that mean? That high dietary restrictions are not good for you, it is definitely not healthy food and will not help you eliminate weight with health, much less help in the maintenance period.

So forget the "all or nothing" and follow the next tips so you can have a healthy diet and a better life.

1. Avoid miracle diets in which there is a large deletion weight in a short period of time.

2. Do not make a diet based on a single type of food or nutrient.

3. Even though exaggerated in the days, make at least five meals a day.

4. Small snacks between meals will prevent the urge to eat the first course to find the front.

5. Do not nibble between meals.

6. Forget the snacks (snacks) and filled wafer.

7. Leave the rod in the office drawer cereals, whole wafer (ingests no more than 3 units).

8. Fruits and light yogurts are excellent snacks.

9. If you want to eat a sweet, eat it. But remember: only one piece or unit. This is better than devouring a candy box at the end of the day.

10. Always Begin the meal with a neat dish salads.

11. Avoid using oil to flavor salads. Use vinegar or lemon juice.

12. Pasta is allowed, but be careful with the sauce.

13. White sauce, four cheeses, bolognese are much more calorie as compared with the sugo. So do not abuse!

14. Do not repeat the meal.

15. Avoid drinking soft drinks, even the light or diet.

16. Avoid carbonated water.

Carbonated beverages dilate the stomach giving a false sense of satiety.

17. Isotonic beverages should be avoided. Are caloric and non athletes, water is still the best moisturizer.

18. Prefer natural juices.

19. Use sweetener in juices and coffee.