The 6 friends are returning to the TV screens in February, and we are all curious about it! The rumors was declared on twitter about a potential reunion and the cast members was quick to explain that it is only a tribute for their long time favorite sitcom director James Burrows. It will be a two-hour special about him and several comedy series he has been working on over the years. The special airing will be premiered on Sunday, 21 February at NBC Us Network for those who want to see it.

Matthew Perry is the only one of the cast that has confirmed to not be attending the event because of a rehearsal of his new play "The End of Longing".

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) is set to be there.

David Schwimmer who played "Ross" in the popular comedy Show spoke to US at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour in Pasadena, California, following the panel for FX's The People V. The 49 Year old actor said that he was looking forward to the event that is dedicated to honor the legendary man behind all the 15 episodes of the Central Park Gang.

Also the cast members from Cheers and Will & Grace are meant to be at the "Reunion". This will be a TV moment for all Burrow's fans to remember.

The fans has been spreading rumors about the reunion for months and this is not the first time the actors have seen tweets about it.

It has in fact been so highly requested thatsites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube and the rest has decided to give immediate access to the all-time favorite TV show. Unfortunately we won't see the old characters back together, but the episodesare still available online at anytime you need them.

The TV cast members hope the fans will let go of the "Reunion" nostalgia after this tribute, because it will never happen.

The popular TV show ended in 2004 and fans has been wanting the 6 friends back in the same room ever since. Well, I can understand why. It is one of the best comedy shows in this century.

If you haven't seen friends yet I recommend to give it a try, I promise you will love it. Friends are also available at Comedy Central if you can't see it online.

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