Prince William arrives in Beijing to meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping for the first time. This visit is the first by a senior member of the British royal family in over three decades.

For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Duke of Cambridge meets the Chinese president Xi Jinping. This visit brings to light China's high regard for British culture.

Prince William is expected to fit right in; the Chinese are well known for their admiration of British culture.

Television, etiquette lessons, private schooling and mock Tudor housing developments are just some of the British cultural aspects the Chinese embrace.

British TV shows like Sherlock Holmes and Downton Abbey are not only popular in the UK and Europe, but are watched by millions in China. Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch even has his own Chinese nickname "curly blessing".

Xi Zhang, a Chinese masters student at the University of Westminster tells me "I love Harry Potter. I know British culture from Sherlock Holmes. It's a great series," she adds.

Before coming to the UK, Xi pictured London from scenes in British television series and tried to imagine if it would be the same. She remembers: " Sherlock helped me picture London before I came, it's the original place where the story started and where it was created. It has more vibrancy."

Many Chinese parents are sending their children to British schools and universities.

The UK council for international student affairs published a report in 2015 stating: "The number of Chinese students far exceeds any other nationality at 87,895 in UK higher education."

Li Ying a reporter for China central television (CCTV), now living in London, tells me "there is a special appeal of British culture to Chinese people.

We regard this country as higher. We associate it with gentlemen, aristocrats and good culture." Li tells me that many Chinese families want their children to have closer contact with British culture and pick up the British way of life. "We want our children to have manners, a cultural lifestyle."

The Chinese admiration for British heritage and lifestyle, leaves many longing to become a part of it.

Their regard of British culture as 'higher' comes as a surprise from a country with such vast heritage and deep culture.

Prince William continues his three day visit leaving behind an invitation from the Queen for President Xi Jinping to visit the UK later this year.