After Star Wars: The Return of The Jedi ended with Emperor Palpatine's ultimate death, everyone thought that would mean the end of the Empire. But as it turned out their hope was false. Several Books and comics were released in the following years that covered the years after the fall of Palpatine with the Empire still being alive. But they eventually got erased from the Star Wars canon, after Disney acquired the franchise, and announced that they would continue the saga with episode VII titled The Force Awakens.

Through the first trailers of the new movie, it was made clear that the Empire survived under the name of First Order, and thanks to Marvel Comics we'll get to know what exactly happened during those 30 years that passed between episode VI and VII.

The first comic in the line, called Star Wars Shattered Empire, will come out in September, but its plot description has already been revealed to the delight of the impatient fans of the franchise. The story focuses on the power vacuum atop the Empire that's been created by the death of the Emperor. Although the Rebel Alliance claimed a crucial victory at the battle of Endor, the Moffs and regional governors of the Empire do not want to give up their power. This wounded beast of the remnant of the Empire proposes a greater threat than anything ever before for the Rebel Alliance.

The premise remains true to the saying that if you remove a despotic leader that will not essentially mean a happy follow-up.

Shattered Empire is reportedly the first of many books and comics that will be part of the Journey to The Force Awakens project. Greg Rucka (Wolverine, Cyclops, The Punisher) is teaming up with Marco Checchetto to deliver the story.

It's important to stress out that these comics will not spoil anything from The Force Awakens, so feel free to read them, and get ready to astonish your friends with your extra knowledge of the new Star Wars universe at the premiere of episode VII in December. Although the plot itself is being kept in top secret, we know more and more about certain new characters appearing in The Force Awakens, and about the possible spin-off films.