First the pink paint samples, now the pink ribbons…are the British public getting over-excited, or has Kate Middleton let the cat out of the bag? At approximately 9am this morning, ardent royalists camped outside the Lindo Wing, St. Mary's Hospital in West London, were woken by staff members of the royal household, hand-delivering a right royal breakfast of croissants and Danish pastries, decked with pink ribbons.

Royal sources confirm that the surprise breakfast was indeed sent from the Duchess of Cambridge herself; a Kensington Palace spokesman informed the Mail Online that, 'The Duke and Duchess have seen the news reports about these people camping out and they just wanted to let them know they were thinking of them'.

The royal gesture delighted the devoted super-fans who have been camping outside the birth place of Prince George - and his future baby brother, or sister - for days, some even weeks. In their gratuitous joy, nonetheless, many could not help but speculate over the tell-tale décor. One loyal subject, Mr Hunt of Weston-Super-Mare, who has been camping on a bench day and night outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital since last Monday stated: 'What surprised me was that they had pink ribbons around the boxes - could it mean there's a girl on the way?'

Despite all this excitement and conjecture, however, bookies should not be dreading their enormous pay-outs just yet: royal sources insist that the generic baby girl ornamentation is a coincidence, the Danish pastries having been baked in a local patisserie, who gift wrap their delicious delicacies with pink ribbon.

Regardless of the world's media, waiting outside with anticipation, a sighting first tweeted by a German Media Organisation today suggests that neither the Duchess, nor her royal baby, are inside the wing. The sighting is thought to depict Kate taking Prince George swimming in the Buckingham Palace swimming pool, while other pictures portray a heavily pregnant duchess driving her car, as the Mail online reports: 'She even navigated her car through crowds of tourists - with many oblivious to who was behind the wheel'.

Kate, now 33, is believed to be three days past her due date, yet while Britain waits with baited breath, many will be hoping that the fashionably late little princess - or indeed prince - will grace the world with her/his presence tomorrow, to mark a double celebration on the Duke and Duchess's fourth wedding anniversary.