Game of Thrones - the most famous and talked about Show is set to make a comeback today with its 5th season. The show has immense following and has generated significant fandom till today, so it is obvious that the curiosity levels about the twists and turns of the current season are at its peak.

The show as we all know is based on a series of novels written by George R.R Martin, and the show has outdone his speed of writing. The current season is set to open with a lot of risk since this time the story will be going beyond the novels and will showcase Dan Weiss and David Benioff's revised version of the writings.

The fifth season of the magnum opus shall go deeper into individual character stories, characters that have lost their positions of authority and privilege. In this season, the characters that are closest to the throne and supremacy are shown struggling the most. An angry Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) tries her best to hold on to the power post her son Joffrey's (Jack Gleeson) death. While it is difficult to keep track of all the characters and related stories, this season will be exhilarating to watch.

The fifth season premiere is also expected to break all ratings records and was promoted hugely through talk shows and news media. Like its all previous seasons, even this season will take it slow to unfold the twists and turns but it shall be pumping up the drama by its third episode.

Interestingly Game of Thrones is not only the most watched show on Television, but is also the more pirated show in the history of television.

So all in all, with the current season of Game of Thrones, HBO is about to face its biggest test; Will the audience accept the fifth season and hound on it as much as its previous season?

We will have to wait and watch to decide.

For now all we can say is that for HBO and its parent company Time Warner, stakes couldn't be any higher because the last season premiere of Game of Thrones saw the viewer's being irritated by a technical glitch leading to an apology from the company.