Ekta Kapoor has now become a synonym with Indian Television and shocking Cinema. While everyone around her is still trying to learn from her ways, the soap queen has now pushed the envelope to mind boggling levels. As far as Bollywood is concerned she is best known for her movies like "The Dirty Picture", "Ragini MMS 1 & 2", and "Shootout at Lokhandwala" which were high on everything that's almost a taboo in Bollywood - Sex, explicit dialogues and violence. Now Ekta Kapoor has introduced the "nudity clause" into Bollywood, making many hearts skip a beat and raising thousands of eyebrows.

Her next Bollywood release, produced under Balaji Telefilms is strategically named "XXX" which very strongly highlights the adult content of the movie. The film is an erotic thriller directed by Ken Ghosh starring a whole new cast. As far as presenting sex and sexuality is concerned, Ekta has always created waves; be it with Bollywood's first horrex franchise "Ragini MMS" or be it the unusual yet thought provoking "Love, Sex aur Dhokha". And now she is yet again creating plethora of discussions online and offline due to hernudity clause.

All artists working with Ekta on all future projects including "XXX" shall be covered by the mentioned clause. The clause indicates that all artists signing up an official contract with her production house, shall have to adhere to the clause and shall become legally liable to expose as per the demand of the script.

This much talked about clause also includes intimate scenes and usage of explicit language.

This clause seems to be a result of her having a tough time last year during the shoot of "Ragini MMS 2" which starred Ex-Porn star Sunny Leone. Reports claim that Sunny had apparently shown reluctance to shoot a few intimate scenes which lead to Ekta herself walking onto the sets to resolve the issue.

While the Indian Censor board is creating news for its rules and efforts to cut down on violence and sex in Bollywood movies, Ekta's move to introduce a nudity clause is quite a bold step in itself.