Top Gear's motormouth presenter Jeremy Clarkson has found himself in hot diesel yet again after he engaged in a heated exchange with Labour MP and Shadow Transport Minister Michael Dugher on the social network this week. 

The Minster ignited the argument when he commented that Mr Clarkson was "basically an idiot" and that Top Gear as a programme was not generally representative of the majority of motorists on UK roads.

Clarkson responded in inimitable fashion by saying "Labour's transport spokesperson says he doesn't like Top Gear. Good. We don't make it for people who wear pink ties"

Mr Dugher tweeted back by saying "Obviously, I wear red ties a lot.

But what's wrong with the occasional pink one?! What on earth might someone be implying?" Mr Dugher also admitted he didn't really watch the Show and thought it was basically a "bunch of old blokes wearing jeans and sports jackets".

The programme's producer Andy Wilman waded into the row saying "He must be Mystic Meg if he knows what we do without watching the show" However, he also added "I'll take his point on the jeans though".

This isn't the first time Clarkson's mouth has got him into trouble. The presenter is in fact on his final warning with the BBC after a racism row erupted when he appeared to a controversial and unpleasant racial term while reciting a nursery rhyme for a segment on the BBC2 flagship motoring show.

At the time, this caused Mr Dugher's colleague Harriet Harman to call for Clarkson's sacking.

In addition to this, diplomats from nations as diverse as Argentina and Mexico have raised complaints with him and the corporation over the way their peoples have been portrayed in filmed segments for the show. In particular, when the Top Gear team visited Argentina, they were forced to flee after they were caught driving round in a Porsche with the registration number H982 FLK, thought to be a barbed dig at the country over the Falklands War.

Whilst this row for the moment seems to have blown over, it's just another case of Clarkson failing to get his mouth (and tweeting fingers) into gear with his brain!