The first all Conservative cabinet meeting for 18 years has taken place today, with the Prime Minister, David Cameron seeking to assert his position at the head of his majority Government. 

He has announced that this term in office will be marked by "down to earth" governing and policies, that consider creating opportunities and improving the lives of working families in the United Kingdom.

First on his agenda are prioritizing laws on employment an childcare.

He began the meeting by telling his assembled cabinet office that this new Government would be substantially different from the coalition and there would be a stronger degree of accountability to them, given that they will no longer have to 'trade away' policies or seek agreements with Lib Dem ministers. 

On the new Conservative manifesto, Mr Cameron commented that he had a mandate to deliver all of it over the next 5 years in office - after which time he is expected to step aside as both Prime Minister and leader of the party.

He has urged all his Ministers new and old to focus on giving everyone in the country a chance to fulfill their potential and make the most of the talents that they have. He is seeking to continue to ethos of rewarding hard working people with "the pride of a pay cheque" and " a home of their own", which will give families "peace of mind" and a "sense of pride".  However, he also repeated his pledge from the 2010 election that those who can't work should be supported, whilst those who can are supported to do so. 

The first legislative programme of this new Government will be put forward on 27th May and it is believed it will be fast-tracked through Parliament. Work and childcare are to feature heavily and it is thought that there will be a push to create 2 million new jobs and 3 million apprenticeships during the next five years. The Prime Minister is seeking to create a country of "full employment"and would like the UK to have the highest percentage of people in full time work of any of the developed nations in the world.