Carol Vorderman showed off the results of her latest diet yesterday when she took to Twitter to show off what she's calling her "thigh gap", and the results caused a stir, for all the wrong reasons.

The svelte TV presenter and former anchor of "Loose Women" (the Television equivalent of a hanging, drawing and quartering with nail varnish) published some photos of herself clad in a skin tight black outfit which not only documented her weight loss, and thigh gap, but also proved that camels do indeed have toes (some more than one). Naturally, the focus ended up, not on the star's amazing dieting results, but the effect her lycra outfit had had on her undercarriage.

So far she's remained tight lipped on the photos, but the star claims to be feeling happy, healthy and full of mischief after her miracle results.

However, she has revealed that her weight loss was largely down to a two week Juicing Holiday in Portugal, in which she survived solely on fruit and vegetable juice to give her body a complete detox. Vorderman is well known for her love of detox dieting and has published books on the matter - Scientists and dietitians remain unconvinced by the claims these diets make, and in some cases they can be downright dangerous, depleting the body of the vital fats, nutrients and proteins it needs to stay healthy.

Tweeting her pictures out she made reference to her "thigh gap", but this is naturally worrying, given the links this term has with eating disorders among youngsters, some of whom use the "thigh gap" challenge to keep themselves motivated to continue on a spiral of losing weight.

Some even take to social networks to post similar images of themselves in the same poses, to prove how thin they are.

Anyone wanting to embark on such a stringent regime should really check with a health professional before they take the plunge. It's clearly worked for Carol but some of these diets can end up doing more harm than good.

For now though it seems that her figure has caused a Twitter Storm, but not for the reasons she intended...

To paraphrase Father Dougal McGuire "Keep your clothes on Carol, I can't concentrate..."