Katie Price became the latest "celebrity" to enter the Big Brother house last night, in a major coup for the Channel 5 series. which has once again been plagued by controversy since it began about a million years ago (or at least that's what it feels like)

The glamour model was ushered in by series presenter Emma Willis and on her way in told her five children she loved them (if you love them so much, surely you should you know, like, be with them and stuff?) and also paid tribute to her mother - but failed to mention her husband, whose name she probably can't remember or something. 

The star is - as usual - being brought in "to shake things up a bit" which, to be honest, given the headlines the series has had since it returned surely isn't needed.

Evicted housemate Ken Morley surely managed that all on his own (Who would have thought Reg Holdsworth was a raging racist? From Bettabuys to Blackshirt in one fell swoop) 

On entering the house Katie commented "There's always a price for the Pricey and the price was right" proving that there really is very little she won't do for money.

It's true that producers are hoping she'll kick off with the other controversial Katie in there (Ms Hopkins) but they're also hoping they'll get the dirt on her previous spats with Alicia Douvall. The pair reportedly have a rocky history and The Pwicey admitted she was "sh*****g herself" when she knew she'd come face to face with Ms Douvall. Charming. Lets hope that's the one thing she doesn't do on screen...leave at least one remaining shred of dignity in tact, Katie. 

Viewers will no doubt be glued to the latest episode, set to air on Channel 5 tonight and as usual Twitter will light up with delighted mock outrage and arguments galore (#cbb if you want to follow the shenanagins).

Never underestimate The Pricey, whether the Price is right or the Price is wrong, or something or other. It's fair to say she'll end up making more headlines than the rest of them put together once more.

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