The Radio Times is suggesting that the show Lovejoy that became a staple diet for Television viewers during the eighties and nineties may be about to pop back on to our screens once again some time in the near future. Apparently, Tony Jordan is likely to be involved in bringing the likeable rogue main character back to life and up to date, as the current wave of antique-related shows across the network seems to show no signs of abating and is popular with the general public at present.

Jordan was responsible for the hit shows Hustle and Life On Mars, so knows a thing or two about preparing a decent script to base a television show on, which is precisely what he is working on at present for Lovejoy.

His main writing pedigree though comes from his association with the British soap Eastenders, for which he has written more than 250 episodes.

The original comedy-drama ran for 71 episodes over six series, during which time it developed a loyal following who tuned in readily each week to enjoy the escapades of Ian McShane as the main character and antique dealer, and his associates Tinker, Eric and Lady Jane. It was well liked for its depiction of the slightly unusual mixture of characters, from a variety of social backgrounds, who for some obscure twist of fate had all come together in an attempt to profit from the antiques' trade. The show was based in and around East Anglia, allowing a scenic and colourful backdrop to the action.

It adopted a slightly unusual style of presentation for the stories, with Lovejoy himself often addressing the camera directly while the action continued around him, allowing his personal thoughts and motivations to be known to the viewer who hence developed the role of 'confidante' with the main character.

The original series was based (loosely) on the novels of John Grant, with adaptation for television being provided by Ian La Frenais, a writer most commonly associated with Dick Clement, with whom he wrote such classic shows as The Likely Lads, Porridge and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and the various follow up projects that they led to.

When the new scripts will be ready to begin production is as of yet unknown, as is the likely composition of the cast. It seems unlikely that the original actors will reprise their roles though, as McShane for one has moved on to many other vehicles for his talents since the last show finished back in 1994, including film roles and major television series in America.

His part in the western series Deadwood won him much critical acclaim across the pond and he also appeared in the film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, alongside Johnny Depp in the fourth film in the series On Stranger Tides.