The couple was seen cosying up last Wednesday at Smuggler's Cove restaurant, in Liverpool. The encounter happened before the National Television Awards ceremony, in London, where the actress won the incredible award. But the supposed love affair may have started via Twitter - with messages being exchanged by the two friends while Wood was still living with his wife Catherine and kids.

According to the "Daily Mail", an anonymous but close to the family source said: "Catherine saw that he and Sheridan had been in touch on Twitter, but at that stage it seemed just a few casual flirty messages".

And continued: "There was no indication that they had met up. But it wasn't long before she found out they had met, and that things had gone further. "Catherine was devastated when she realised that Greg was dating Sheridan so soon after they split…", concluded the source. Even thought these words are not an official confirmation, by any means, it seems that months after the actor's separation she could be actually right.

Known for playing dangerous characters and best recognized for Trevor Royle role in the famous soap "Hollyoaks", the 36-year-old Greg tweeted a dear message to Smith after her winning for the biopic "Cilla": "Well deserved babe, proud of you x". After, they were seen leaving the event together.

Sheridan Smith is the now 33-year-old teen from "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" and now a celebrated actress - she has dated actors like James Corden and Ross McCall.

This Sunday morning, January 25th, Wood contested the allegations posting: "I am single, my ex and I separated last summer and are currently going through a divorce".

Other official declarations are still to come (we imagine) from Sheridan's part. The fans, according to their comments are on their side writing things like: "Fantastic news! They're both gorgeous, happy and successful. I hope they're facing a great time together" or "I don't understand why people are giving Sheridan grief...

Shouldn't everyone be congratulating her that she's found someone she really likes? She's said in the past that she wants to find someone and now she has! They're both single and they both look happy. Stop with the hate and congratulate them! Good looking couple! Happy for them!!" and saying it's unfair for Sheridan to be portrayed as the reason why Wood and his wife broke up.

Hopefully, the next few weeks will reveal the truth. So, we just have to wait and see…