You do not have to just watch the TV but you have to watch what you want. The TV guide will help to know when you favorite team, actors or Television shows will be on, so that you can watch. You can also request the video you want and it will be send to you to watch as you wish (video-on-demand). You will know when your favorite movie, shows or actor is on and you are not going to miss any episode of the program you follow. The best thing is that the guide is free. When you get the guide, you can build a watchlist and you can share it with friends or family on Twitter or facebook.

You can invite them to come to watch the show or they can join into the conversation of what they like to watch.

In addition of the TV guide online, magazines or in newspaper, now you can get access to the guide direct on your mobile phone. The online app is free and it is easy to use. You will be aware of all the programs that will be showing in a day. With the app, you get access of 8 days' programs from the broadcasters. The app is region specific which means that you will see only the programs on the channel you have chosen. The app has a simple grid view and it makes browsing through the listing easy. You get quick alerts if your favorite show is on the program and you can synchronize the app with the calendar you use.

The live search helps you to check when the program will be aired at once. You can view extra details about ratings, directors and actors from the online database about the movie.

If you are already watching TV, you can use the on-screen guide feature to see the program. By using a remote, you have to go to Info button, highlight on the remote help, press enter or 5.

You can continue to use the remote to navigate the lists on the screen. If the TV has a smart bar, you should press on the INFO button on the remote controls. You get access to the TV listings, remote help, program information and setup. When you get access to the TV listings, you can view future or current programs.