Someone from the BBC has some explaining to do. Episodes one and two of Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi have been leaked!

Since Matt Smith is leaving in the Christmas episode, we've been waiting months to hear something about what's happening in the world of the BBC. It seems as though we got more than we bargained for, having scripts leaked, and now episodes have been released. Minus the CGI and colour.  

The BBC have asked Whovians around the world to stay clear of the leaks - and to wait for the real deal to come out on TV. (I've had a look at them and, I think it's best if you do, too.) The final product is better than the example, as you should understand. They asked fans personally not to read, distribute or watch any leaked episodes/scripts. Of course, a lot of people have ignored this, and are beginning to spoil it.

Whoever is responsible for this will have a lot of explaining to do. In respect of the BBC, and copyright, I'm not allowed to post links to the scripts or the episodes, but this is what Google is for. Warning, though. None of the scripts or episodes are finished, and they are not good, without colour and copyright over the screen. Sorry to disappoint!

(The scripts released have so far, lived up to expectancy.  As I said, to get to write this article, I had to do research on it. It is now deleted from my computer. However, I gathered that the scripts are indeed real. So, read at your own risk!)

For now, I would advise any spoiler-free (River not's) to steer clear of any Doctor Who news, tags, or videos, files, and so on and so forth. Doing so will assure you that you won't accidentally stumble upon a leaked anything of series 8. Keep the suspension going for another six weeks! Yes, they actually leaked it almost two months early. I have no idea what the person who clicked that one button must be thinking right now.

 "Well! There goes my job."

That was a bit harsh. BBC people, we love you. And we'll do our very best to keep series 8 from flooding the Internet before it goes on TV. I know how much money that will make you all lose out on. So much profit, wasted. Basically, this is me pleading to fellow Whovians to keep it sealed if you have watched/read it. Other Whovians might not appreciate you going against River's rules.