There has been much negative reporting over the Brexit negotiations, but despite how one voted during last year's EU Referendum, everybody knew the process of leaving was never going to be simple. Since legislating for the event towards the end of 2015, the Government has failed to prepare for the worst case scenario. They have made their own lives difficult.

David Cameron ran away like a coward

Delaying Brexit would have caused the Conservatives countless problems. Much of the electorate would have felt betrayed that their will was not being respected and we all know this Government bows to popular pressure.

This caused Theresa May to plan for quitting the trading bloc in a short time-frame whilst David Cameron ran away like a coward. Yet triggering Article 50 in March this year, nine months after the historic vote, still proved to be an inadequate period of time. This spurred the Prime Minister on into calling a general election to 'strengthen her hand.'

Calling an early election proved to be a mistake of historic proportions in the end. This was not because it wasn't the correct decision in the circumstances, but because of how poorly managed the Conservatives' campaign was. The Government has lost its majority and now a group of Tory and Labour rebels intend to vote to keep Britain in the European Economic Area (EEA) post-Brexit until 2022.

Regardless of whether the UK fully leaves the trading bloc by 2019 or 2022, the EU is finished either way.

This will only breed resentment across the continent

Brussels will lose a substantial amount of money from the budgetary contributions the UK makes to the trading bloc. This will make it harder for the EU to bail out struggling Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy and Greece.

It will make it easier for the European elites to proceed with their ultimate goal of establishing a 'federal' Europe with a single European army, taxation system and currency. This will only breed resentment across the continent.

Once other nations witness Britain thriving outside the EU, they will realise that they have the chance to do the same.

It does not matter if the UK does not leave the EEA until 2022, this country is still exiting the trading bloc regardless. What Tory and Labour MPs are only doing is delaying Brexit. Many of them probably hope they will derail the process altogether by voting that way, but it is only a stalling tactic they are trying to implement.

Let the Europhiles do all they can to try and stop Britain leaving the EU. Brexit is happening. It's no longer a question of if, but when the UK will leave.