A petition launched by the Independent on Wednesday has already attracted almost 140,000 signatures. The Final Say campaign has been launched to demand that the British people are given a final vote before Brexit comes into effect in 2019.

Within hours of launching the Final Say petition, tens of thousands of people signed it and while the figure requested on the change.org page states 150,000, this could be reached and passed within days. The newspaper states on the petition page that they want to stick to their commitment to their readers by offering balanced and different points of view.

In this case, they believe a second referendum on the Brexit deal is the right way to go.

Political crisis leads to call for referendum

The refendum petition is backed by senior members of Parliament, including Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran and Labour MP Chuka Umunna, saying giving the UK public a say in the final deal is now “more urgent.” Former cabinet minister Dominic Grieve also gives strong backing to the Final Say campaign saying this would be a “sensible” way to get out of the current political crisis in the UK.

The petition calls on the government to give the UK public a chance to decide the final fate of the UK/EU partnership.

Current headlines are full of articles relating to the chaos caused by Brexit negotiations and members of the public recently polled say that, if given the choice, they would rather remain in the EU.

Stockpiling medicine, blood and food

The Independent notes that Theresa May has told the public not to worry about Brexit, but meanwhile, plans have been made to stockpile medicine, blood and food, just in case Britain’s exit from the EU goes badly.

Despite her reassurance, the public is worried that the UK could leave the EU in March 2019 with no agreement in place.

Expats in Europe worried about their status

Meanwhile, expats living in the EU have never received real reassurance as to their status.

In fact, thousands – who have been out of the country for 15 years or more – had no say in the first referendum on Brexit, despite the importance of the move to their lives. Many groups have been set up to protest against Brexit, including the Bremain in Spain group.

Others support the People's Vote campaign

As reported by Sky News, former footballer turned BBC broadcaster Gary Lineker has joined another campaign calling for a vote. Lineker has aligned with the People’s Vote campaign, saying he believes Brexit is “going very wrong indeed.”

Sky News quotes a BBC source as stating that as Lineker is a freelance broadcaster who does not present news or political programmes, he is free to say what he likes without breaking the BBC’s rules on impartiality when opposing Brexit.

Supporters of the People’s Vote campaign are planning to hold anti-Brexit rallies in various British cities during the next three months, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle.