US President Donald Trump had been criticising the JCPOA – the deal that kept Iran’s nuclear arms program off the table – ever since it was signed, let alone since he started running for office in the 2016 Presidential election. In the past few days, he’s been teasing that he’ll be pulling America out of the so-called “one-sided” deal, and today, he’s actually gone and done it. But the response from other nations has been mixed – some political officials are devastated by the news, but some are very excited about it.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is thrilled by Trump’s decision

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a glowing response to Trump’s latest move. He agreed with the US leader that the Iran deal was a “disastrous” one and applauded the President for his “bold” move in withdrawing his nation from it. He also added that the country of Israel “fully supports” the POTUS’ decision to get out of the Iran deal.

Meanwhile, France, Germany, and the UK, all of whom tried to talk Trump out of it and persuade him that the Iran deal was a good thing that kept a lot of countries safe and opened the door to wider discussions of the real issues at hand, have now said that they “regret” the decision that the US government have made in this matter.