House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced that he will be retiring from his Congressional post at the end of the year. He will serve out his full term (or “full my serve term,” in his confusing words), but after that, he’s out of there. As he’s been swarmed with reporters looking for answers surrounding this sudden and unexpected announcement, the Speaker has been reflecting on his relationship with sitting US President Donald Trump.

There has been rumours of an emotional “fatigue” created by Trump around Washington. The politicians there are exhausted by his irrational thinking and his erratic decision-making.

When Ryan was asked by the press if this supposed “fatigue” had anything to do with his decision to retire, he denied it. In fact, he looked back on his time under the current President in a very positive light.

Ryan praises Trump for ‘historic’ achievements

Ryan boldly praised Trump for allowing Congress “to get historic things in law” that the US lawmakers had been attempting to get passed “for a generation.” He denied that the President has made the working environment in Washington “difficult,” and reflected fondly on the “very candid dialogue” that the two have shared in the past year in change.