Sometimes it takes a common enemy to bring new friends together, and it seems like this is what has happened with the Chinese and Russian governments. As the two nations have faced punitive measures enforced by the US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump, it has brought the historically unfriendly nations closer together.

China’s international liaison has said that their country’s relationship with the Russian government is now at the “best level” that it has ever been “in history.” So, Trump has done some good for the world in his Presidency, albeit unwittingly and not for his own country, by bringing two feuding countries into a stronger international relationship.

Now, if only he could start doing that for the US...

Announcement comes in the wake of Trump’s $100 billion tariff proposal

China has made the announcement of their new friendship with Russia in light of the escalating trade war between China and the US. Trump has proposed a $100 billion tariff on Chinese goods in a rapidly rising economic conflict between the two nations, as they’ve both been hiking up the tariffs on each other’s goods every day. It’s no coincidence that they’re bragging about the Russia relationship on this of all days.