So, “by May,” sitting US President Donald Trump will visit North Korea for a meeting with dictator Kim Jong-un. That’s going to happen. The world has now had a couple of days to reckon with that. Jimmy Carter, who used to be in Trump’s shoes, has weighed in on the topic, voicing his approval for the current President’s decision to sit down with the North Korean leader in Pyongyang.

Carter himself met with Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung while he was in office, so he knows exactly what it’s like to make this decision and commit to this meeting. The former President was delivering a speech to a Sunday school class when he made the comments.

He said that while he “[doesn’t] agree with everything that President Trump has done,” he believes that his decision to go to Pyongyang to discuss denuclearisation was a “good” one.

No nuclear holocaust would be ‘wonderful,’ says Carter

Carter said that it would be “a wonderful achievement” if Trump could manage to avoid a nuclear war when he goes to speak with Kim in North Korea. Yes, Jimmy, it certainly would. It’s worth noting that Jimmy Carter is a Democrat, while Trump is a Republican, so they should be natural enemies. But since the former President himself went to North Korea back in 1994, he feels a sort of kindred spirit in the current one.