Vanessa Trump has filed for divorce from her husband Donald Trump, Jr., the son of the President of the United States, after twelve years of marriage, citing the fact that they are now “living separate lives” as the reason, because her husband is “never there” for her anymore. The New York Times reported that she is “not expecting a legal battle” over the couple’s five kids and their many, many, many assets. Right now, Trump, Jr. is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million – expect that to drop to $150 million pretty soon, though.

Even in this current administration, Trump, Jr.

is not the brightest bulb. People like Julian Assange use this to take advantage of him. He shared an image of his father as Pepe the Frog on social media, and when he was quizzed about the links between that meme and white supremacy, Trump, Jr. said that it just liked how it was a “frog with a wig.” Those are the words that would come out of a child’s mouth, not someone with influence in the White House.

On Halloween, he posted on social media about taking away his three-year-old daughter’s candy to “teach her about socialism.” This is a guy who has spent his entire life in Daddy’s pocket. In fact, if he wasn’t the son of President Billionaire, he probably wouldn’t be anywhere in his life.

Trump, Jr. has drawn criticism from pretty much everybody: liberals and generally left-wing people, British legislators, even JK Rowling. The President’s son has been called “a disgrace” for the things he’s said and done. That’s a pretty harsh word.

Good riddance, Donald Trump, Jr.

Vanessa Trump will likely be better off without Donald Trump, Jr., who is an infamous dope.

Key figures in the Trump campaign referred to the guy as the “Fredo” of the organisation. This is a reference to the Fredo Corleone character from “The Godfather,” who was the moronic brother whose ineptitude consistently caused problems for the family. It’s a pretty fair nickname for him, to be completely honest.

A few years ago, some pictures surfaced from a hunting trip that Trump, Jr.

took in Africa in which he’s holding up a knife in one hand and a blood-drenched elephant tail in the other and another in which he’s posing with a dead, endangered leopard. This became particularly controversial. It’s perfectly legal (for God knows what reason), but it was also controversial, because let’s be honest – that’s abhorrent. He’s having a good time, playing around with some butchered animals – that he butchered. That’s horrific!

He quoted London Mayor Sadiq Khan out of context after the terrorist attack in Westminster last year and every politician in the UK turned against Trump, Jr. He compared the struggles of the Trump campaign operating under media scrutiny to the struggles of the victims of the Holocaust.

Trump, Jr. is a patsy. He’s constantly being used and manipulated, because he has direct contact and trust with the President of the United States that he would not have if he wasn’t his son. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange saw this and used it to his advantage during the 2016 Presidential election race. Trump, Jr. leaked some sensitive information to Assange – that turned out to be false!

The divorce comes eight months shy of the couple’s 13th anniversary

Trump, Jr. and Vanessa Trump have been married now for almost twelve and a half years, but this divorce cuts the eternal bond of marriage short, eight months shy of their thirteenth wedding anniversary. The couple got married in November of 2005 in a lavish ceremony at the Trump family’s exclusive resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. The wedding was officiated by Maryanne Trump Barry, the sister of President Trump, who was a judge in the US Court of Appeals at the time.