Donald Trump, Jr.’s wife Vanessa Trump has just filed for divorce, and for Robert Mueller and his FBI investigation into the shady links between the 2016 Presidential election campaign of Donald Trump and the Russian government, this is terrific news, because now, they can force her to testify against the President’s son.

That whole Russian lawyer scandal will be cracked wide open

Last year, it was revealed that during the 2016 election campaign, Trump, Jr. met with a Russian lawyer with the intention of gathering dirt on Hillary Clinton and her team for his father to use against her in the campaign – dirt that it turned out she did not actually have in the end.

All kinds of critics have called this treason and all sorts of shady words for illegal things. The only problem in breaking the guy was that US legislation has it so that you can’t be forced to testify against your own spouse, and a lot of criminals use this as a loophole in the system.

But now that Trump, Jr.’s wife is divorcing him, she can be forced to testify against him in Mueller’s FBI probe into the Trump/Russia collusion and we can look forward to even more revelations and arrests and convictions in the investigation. Watch this space.