According to a recent report in the Washington Post, US President Donald Trump is sick and tired of all the negative headlines flooding the media about him. But the Post also reported that he is struggling to keep a stranglehold on his administration, which only serves to add to that slog of bad press. The white house is a mess, say the various aides and allies of the President that the Post’s reporters have spoken to.

One aide described Trump’s White House as “pure madness.” Army General Barry Mccaffrey, who retired with four stars, has spoken to the Post to say that the President’s mental stability is being called into question.

He said that the President’s “judgment is fundamentally flawed,” and that as he is pressed with “more pressure,” he begins to feel “more isolated,” and the General says that, because of this, “his ability to do harm is going to increase.”

The Washington Post spoke to 22 Trump allies

The picture that the Washington Post’s reporters have painted of Trump in their latest article is based on interviews with and testimonies from a total of 22 friends, colleagues, and aides of his. As the President is becoming angrier and more frustrated, Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation into his potential Russia ties is coming to a head, with suggestions that obstruction of justice might be proven very soon.