Stella Creasy is the latest Labour MP to fall victim to Momentum trolls on Twitter.

The Labour MP for Walthamstow has been defending herself against Twitter accounts accusing her of not being a genuine Labour supporter.

Her latest tweet quoted Blair McDougall, the former Labour candidate for East Renfrewshire, who referenced former Labour leader Keir Hardie's friendship with former Conservative MP Dr. Metcalfe, to prove it is acceptable for politicians from opposing parties to be friends.

She quote retweeted Mr. McDougall's tweet with: "Waiting for the @skwawkbox expose uncovering how evil moderate Keir Hardie and his friendship with Tory MPs meant the ILP (Independent Labour Party) compromised......."

The row between Ms Creasy and The Skwawkbox, a pro-Corbyn blog which proclaims to produce 'independent journalism', erupted after the Walthamstow MP tweeted on December 27th: "Early start to head up to Birmingham to speak at the limmud festival and Spotify picks Travis to play me.

Feels like rotten January already.... #discoverrage."

She then later tweeted: "PFI (Private Finance Initiative) companies are getting a tax bonus because of Tory cuts to corporation tax- money they agreed to pay as part of the original contract. Help the fight to get it back by asking your MP to back calls for a windfall tax if they won't cough up #pfifiddle."

Ms Creasy shared a picture from her Instagram account on Twitter of a request from the editor of The Skwawkbox to comment on the 'cosiness' between Conservative and Labour MPs after they attended the limmud festival together.

The group of MPs consisted of Michael Dugher, Therese Coffey and Kevin Schofield.

"You are even more deluded than I thought about your power to control women in the Labour Party"

She tweeted: "Just to be clear @skwawkbox, if you think you can choose what's on my office stereo, you are even more deluded than I thought about your power to control women in the Labour Party. Or possibly jealous you missed a great @shedseven gig...

either way #jogon #nos***takingindiemp."

One pro-Corbyn Twitter user accused her of being a typical Blairite who plays the victim card.

They added: "Shameless Jess Phillips recently skipped a Labour debate on inequality and instead attended a party at Rupert Murdoch's billionaire penthouse in Mayfair. Thankfully, Blairites are a dying breed."

The Walthamstow MP replied by urging them to not bully them into being a Blairite and help them campaign against PFI.

Alison McGovern, the Labour MP for Wirral South, joked: "Seriously, I've tried to move her on from 90s indie. This ain't gonna work for you #relentless."

"Ms Creasy later urged her followers not to allow The Skwawkbox to define the Labour movement"

Ms Creasy pleaded with her followers to not allow The Skwawkbox to define the Labour movement and stressed his behaviour only wins if it is tolerated.

One Twitter account accused her of transforming into the 'Nadine Dorries of the Labour Party' by socialising with Tories.

Another user suggested the Labour MP was mixing with Conservatives intent on "bringing back Victorian illnesses to children."

She later quote retweeted an account which said she should be deselected because of her musical choice.

Ms Creasy hit back against accusations that she referenced The Skwawkbox as a 'sexist' account by tweeting: "No. No actual journalist with any sense of self worth would wait two weeks from when I tweeted about a gig and picture of us all there and then claim it's a revelation MPs can have same music taste even if they disagree on policy. PFI companies must love this work... #pfifiddle."

The Skwawkbox issued a statement on their website saying the questions they asked Ms Creasy were of interest to Labour members and millions suffering as a result of Conservative policies. They said her decision to socialise with Tory MPs meant all politicians were all the same.

The Skwawkbox said they have been attacked by 'straw-man outrage.'