US President Donald Trump put his state visit to the UK in jeopardy when he hit back against British Prime Minister Theresa May for criticising him for retweeting posts by the anti-Muslim hate group Britain First (whose name happens to echo the President’s “America First!” campaign slogan). Now, he’s saying that he might finally be ready to apologise for it.

During an interview with uber-conservative ITV star Piers Morgan, Trump admitted that before retweeting the posts, he knew “nothing” about the Britain First hate group. But still, he went and shared three of their posts on his much-followed social media in November, spreading the hate.

The President told Morgan that if he can verify that the Britain First people are “horrible, racist people,” then he “would certainly apologise” for sharing their posts, but added, “if you’d like me to do that,” suggesting that maybe he’s not so keen to say he’s sorry for the posts.

Trump does not regret the retweets

Trump said that he does not regret retweeting the Britain First posts, rationalising that he did it because he is “a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror.” Right. He again insisted that before the retweets, he knew “nothing” at all about the hate group, but that didn’t stop him from defending doing it when Theresa May, who does know a lot about the group, criticised him for it, calling it “the wrong thing to do.”