A civil war has erupted in the Labour Party over Brexit, as members have written an open letter to the Labour leadership demanding a position change.

70 Labour councillors from south London have signed a letter to shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer pleading for a change in the party's Brexit policy.

When asked to comment on this story by Blasting News, a Labour spokesperson refused to comment, demonstrating the party's inaction over the issue.

"Support for Brexit is increasing in the polls"

The news comes as support for Brexit is increasing in the polls, with a YouGov survey discovering 48 per cent of adults prefer that the UK leaves the EU.

This is compared to 39 per cent, marking a 9 per cent lead for leaving in the polls.

The letter does not explicitly request a second referendum, but states the electorate's mind on leaving the EU could change.

The councillors originate from Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham.

Many Labour MPs have hinted their support for a second referendum, despite shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott's insistence the party does not favour one.

The YouGov survey demonstrated that 54 per cent of British adults would prefer the UK to remain in the trading bloc until the negotiations are completed, as opposed to 30 per cent who want Britain to leave immediately.

Support for Martin Schulz's idea of a federal Europe stands at 10 per cent, as opposed to 43 per cent who totally oppose the idea.

However, 67 per cent of people believe the EU has the upper hand in the negotiations, as opposed to 10 per cent who suggest the UK does.