US President Donald Trump has sent out a tweet (what else is new?) to accuse the Chinese government of supplying North Korea with oil, which everyone at the UN agreed not to do. POTUS tweeted that China has been “caught RED HANDED” letting oil get into the nuke-toting country’s hands, and adding that the discovery made him “very disappointed” in China. He said that “if this continues to happen,” then there will never be “a friendly solution” to the nuclear crisis.

That may be true, but there will also never be a diplomatic ending to the North Korea situation if Trump keeps recklessly commenting on the Asian nation’s volatile dictator Kim Jong-un – once, he called him “short and fat.” Is he insane? Why the hell would he do that?

Is the allegation against China true?

Trump sent out this tweet while he was on his golf course in Palm Beach County, and his claims against China are based on reports from the South Korean media that they had spotted a Chinese delivery of oil into North Korea via their satellites. However, a White House official, as well as a number of National Security Council officials, were unable to explain why the President tweeted this, and refused questions over the South Korean report.