US President Donald Trump has been officially declared “not welcome” in the London borough of Greenwich after a council meeting passed a formal motion to make sure he stays out of their town. The motion came in response to the fact that the President has been retweeting and sharing posts by the infamous anti-Muslim far-right hate group Britain First, which also caused a rift between Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Council leader Denise Hyland explains the decision

The leader of the council, Denise Hyland, is saying that the motion has been made because Greenwich seeks to create balance and tolerance between communities, while Trump seeks to divide them, sometimes even with a wall.

Hyland said that while Greenwich is normally a very welcoming and inclusive place, they will be “willing to make an exception” for Trump, since he goes against everything they stand for and seeks to cause divisions, which they won’t stand for.

Hyland said, “Diversity enriches our lives on a daily basis...we have no time for people who want to build walls, when we have done so much to break them down.” This is a reference to the wall that Trump intends to build (and has been failing to do so thus far) along the southern border between the United States and Mexico, since he believes that all Mexicans are “rapists” who want to bring drugs and crime into America.