Last night, there was a special election in Alabama for the state’s seat in the US Senate. The state is usually all for the Republicans, but since their Republican candidate Roy Moore was outed as a devious paedophile by a number of women who accused him of sexually assaulted them when they were as young as 14 years old, there was a good chance that the Democratic candidate Doug Jones would win, and he did.

Jones can thank black women for his victory

The statistics of the election are showing the demographics of the voters that swung the election.

Jones only won 27% of the Caucasian vote, so he has the other races to thank for his victory in the election, namely Black Women. The statistics show that Jones won a whopping 95% of the African-American vote in last night’s election. This says a lot about the racial divide in the state of Alabama and the role that race plays in the game of politics.

Among the small amount of white voters who went against the paedophile and voted for Jones, the numbers show that it was college-educated white voters. In the well-educated Madison County (yes, the one from “The Bridges of Madison County”), Jones won by a margin of 57-40. This is the same county where Trump won in the Presidential election in 2016 by a margin of 55-38.