US President Donald Trump has tweeted about the terrorist attack in New York City, saying that the suspect should receive the “death penalty.” The other day, ISIS terrorist Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck through a crowd of people in lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring twelve others, including two children whose school bus he hit.


Trump’s tweet said that the terrorist requested the staff of the hospital where he is recovering from his gunshot wound “to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room,” and that he seemed “happy” while he was doing it.

Trump angrily tweeted in all caps that after murdering eight people and terribly wounding twelve others, Saipov “SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!”

Usually after these ISIS terrorist attacks in major cities, the terrorists are killed by police. This New York attack is one of those rare cases where the terrorist is still alive. We don’t really have much of a frame of reference for what will happen when this attack goes to trial, but Trump’s demand that Saipov should receive capital punishment might threaten the terrorist’s chances of a fair trial. Now, while some people wouldn’t mind that because he obviously did it and he’s proud of it, others have found Trump’s comments to be “alarming.”