The Prime Minister defended the Government's record on delivering Brexit so far during Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) in the House of Commons yesterday.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn told MPs: "Neither EU negotiators nor the Government have any idea what is going on.The Brexit Secretary said the free movement of banks will continue. Well, what about the free movement of nurses and carers?"

Mrs May attacked Mr. Corbyn for borrowing a question from Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable during last week's PMQs and urged him to pay more attention to what happens during these sessions.

She said new immigration rules will be introduced once Britain leaves the trading bloc that will take into consideration the needs of the British economy in areas where immigrants are needed.

"I am optimistic about the opportunities available to this country"

She said: "I am optimistic about the opportunities available to this country. The Right Honourable Gentleman can't even decide what his own position on remaining or leaving the Customs Union is."

Earlier in PMQs, the Labour Leader tried to seek clarification from the Prime Minister as to what will happen to the Irish border post-Brexit.

Mrs May said the Common Travel Area between the UK and the Republic of Ireland will continue and there will be no hard border.

Mr. Corbyn said the Government has failed to come up with an answer since the seventeen months that have followed last year's EU Referendum. He teased the Prime Minister into agreeing with John Redwood MP that investors should relocate abroad.

The Tory Leader said significant progress has been made with the Irish border and that the Government is fully engaged in the negotiations.

She taunted the Labour Leader over his MEPs' failure to vote for phase two of the discussions.

Mr. Corbyn said the Government had listened to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnsons' arguments for scrapping the EU's Social Chapter and Environment Secretary Michael Gove's bid to scrap EU environmental regulations over his commitment to protect them both.

He asked the Prime Minister if she will turn Britain into a post-Brexit tax haven.

Mrs May said she will take no lessons from Labour over tax avoidance. She announced 75 new measures to tackle tax avoidance and declared that HMRC won a Supreme Court case to return £1 billion to the UK. She said her party has taken £160 billion more in tax than Labour since 2010.

"The Government is in a shambles over Brexit"

Mr. Corbyn said: "The Government is in a shambles over Brexit."

The Prime Minister reminded him 76 Labour MPs voted in a different lobby to him during the passage of the Customs Bill and concluded: "The party that has no clue over Brexit is the Labour Party."

PMQs is on every Wednesday from 12pm. You can catch up with yesterday's session on BBC iPlayer.