The British government are in a lot of trouble, as usual – this time, they’ve landed themselves in hot water for doing nothing about the rich people avoiding taxes that was revealed by the release of the Paradise Papers. See, there are all of these offshore tax havens, which multinationals and billionaires can use in order to avoid paying the proper taxes, because the richer you are, the more money you have to give to the taxman, and they don’t like that.

This tax avoidance by the wealthy, untouchable ‘haves’ as revealed by the leak of the so-called Paradise Papers has international ramifications, which is why a lot of people are mad about it, but British Prime Minister Theresa May is refusing to let the scandal go to the stage of a public inquiry or open registers.

Those would be the proper steps to take in order to get justice, but rich people are immune to the law, apparently, and the Conservative Party will do anything to keep it that way.

‘Biggest tax scandal of this generation’

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has described the leak of the Paradise Papers as the “biggest tax scandal of this generation.” He’s been demanding a public inquiry into the matter as the House of Commons was going insane yesterday, but May still refuses to do anything. May’s indifference to the matter has caused outrage in Westminster, Washington, and Brexit hub Brussels.

Officials in these cities are also ticked off at the list of rich people identified by the glorious Paradise Papers as having used these tax havens to avoid the system: the Queen, Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, and the closest political partners of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Queen in particular is infuriating, because her entire income comes from our tax money, so for her to avoid tax when she is given millions of the taxpayers’ pounds for doing absolutely nothing every year is extremely cheeky.

May is still talking a big game when it comes to the flurry of questions about the Paradise Papers that have been thrown at her at the House of Commons.

She is saying that she wants there to be a “greater transparency” when it comes to tax avoidance and the 1% getting away with murder. She also said that her Cabinet would like the British people “to pay the tax that’s due.” However, her lack of action has been a source of anger by many, since she’s not going to launch a public inquiry and she’s not going to open up registers for dodgy shell corporations and shady family trusts.

The Democrats in Washington are outraged

Officials from the left-leaning, equal opportunity supporting US political party, the Democratic Party, have been kicking off about the Paradise Papers. While the Republican Party love the idea of the 1% and the 99%, the Democrats are calling for the business dealings of Wilbur Ross to be investigated, since he’s in the President’s administration and the leaked documents show that he has ties to the son-in-law of a certain Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Bernie Sanders, the guy who lost the Democratic nomination in last year’s Presidential election thanks to an unjust system within the party and would be the President of the United States right now if there was any justice in the world, is furious about the revelations that came to light in the Paradise Papers.

He called it an “international oligarchy” as there are just “a handful of billionaires” who “own and control a significant part of the global economy.” Sanders called for President Trump’s tax adjustments to be put on hold until a full investigation into the tax havens described in the Paradise Papers is conducted.