As the first charges in the Muller probe into the Trump administration for their ties to Russia on the election trail have been filed, President Donald Trump is getting mad. The charges include conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, and failure to report bank accounts in foreign nations. The President has locked himself away in the Oval Office to watch cable news coverage of the investigation and stew.

A Republican with a senior position within the white house who has close contact with everyone in Trump’s Cabinet has opened up with the promise that he’ll remain anonymous.

He said, “The walls are closing in” in the White House, and “everyone is freaking out.” It’s anarchy up on Capitol Hill. Madness as usual.

Pat Robertson is going to doom everybody

Pat Robertson, the media mogul, CEO, ex-Southern Baptist minister, and son of a b*tch, has urged Trump to put an end to the whole Russia thing by canning the Mueller probe with an executive order and issuing a blanket pardon that would abuse his power as President while he still has it, before he’s impeached, and let everyone off who is involved in the Russia scandal who have confessed and been charged. Robertson is going to doom everybody!