The nuclear crisis going on between the United States and North Korea that will likely lead to World War III has been heating up even more, and as usual, the rest of the world has been roped into the conflict. The US have proposed to the United Nations that new sanctions be taken against the North and its regime led by madcap dictator Kim Jong-un, and the UN security control have voted unanimously in favour of the sanctions.

This is good news for the US, but the sanctions being taken against North Korea are not as harsh as they originally intended.

Now, the sanctions only ban the North's exports of textiles and puts a cap on their imports of crude oil. The reason that the tougher original draft was scrapped was over fears that China would pull out and effectively veto the sanctions. So, finally, President Donald Trump is open to compromise. That's what politics is all about.

China is North Korea's only real friend

China is the only real ally of the North on the world stage, and time and time again, President Xi Jinping has threatened his own sanctions and tried to reason with Kim Jong-un to get the young leader to calm down, and every single time, he has failed. These new sanctions will probably still make no difference, but it's all contributing towards sending the message to Kim that his reckless behaviour will not be tolerated.