The tensions between the leaders of the USA and North Korea have been simmering for some time. Both have flexed their respective military muscle and after Kim Jong-Un's recent threat to unleash nuclear weapons on the tiny Pacific Island Of Guam, President Trump made his now infamous 'fire and fury' statement.

Britain to stand back

With the US Commander-in-Chief threatening to retaliate with force if North Korea attacks the US territory Guam, other world powers have had to make swift decisions as to how they will react if this scenario plays out. China has stated that it will remain neutral if North Korea initiates any attack but it will intervene if the US makes the first move.

A senior UK Government official has stated that "The Americans are more than capable of doing what they might the region without our help."

Theresa May's Deputy Damian Green MP said that it is obviously not in the interests of Britain that the stand-off between Trump and Kim Jong-Un leads to conflict. He said that it would be a much more reasonable solution if the President were to seek to reduce tension by first approaching the UN.

However, president Trump is not known for calmly sitting around a table and discussing solutions. After President Assad of Syria used chemical weapons Trump was decisive in his retaliation in sending in multiple Tomahawk missiles.

Britain's decision seen as weak

The decision by Mrs May not to step in to support President Trump has been blasted as "weak" by military experts. Colonel Richard Kemp, ex-Commander of British Forces Afghanistan, stated that "the UK should support the US against North Korea", adding that ruling out supporting the US at this stage is "weak, ill-judged and weakens the West."

Why Guam?

It is well documented that North Korea has been ramping up testing of nuclear weapons in recent months.

It is understood that the range of some missiles could enable an attack on the US mainland, however, the island of Guam is 2100 miles away from North Korea and is a US military base. With 6,000 US troops, the island houses Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam. It means that the island has particular strategic value to the US and has been described by US military commanders as a " permanent aircraft carrier."

What next for Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

The ongoing shows of strength between the two leaders have escalated in recent months.

Jong-Un shows no sign of backing down and seems determined to prove to the world how powerful North Korea is. We can only hope that Trump's actions or reactions are measured and in keeping with a long-term view for world peace and not focused on short-term victories.