The new leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir John Vincent Cable, a man only just returned to frontline politics after an enforced electoral hiatus, has come out swinging against those who have forced Brexit on the young of Great Britain.

The blame game

Having only just unpacked his briefcase in the leader's office, Vince Cable has unleashed a vitriolic attack against those he swears led us out of Europe. Blaming mainly the old whom he believes are deluding themselves about the UK's past glories of Empire and prosperity. Blaming the elderly who have nothing to lose, who in turn are shafting the young who not only have everything to lose, but nothing to gain in the long term either.

He says that the elderly were well aware that the economy would suffer, but saw it as a 'badge of courage', that they made so radical a decision. He also believes that his own predictions are coming rather sadly true, that we are about to make the country and its people poorer as we not only have an already slowing economy and rising inflation but the major banks are threatening to exit the UK en masse leaving us all the poorer. He also talked of 'Brexit Jihadis,' those who are prepared to accept the pain that awaits us all in the future, just to get us out of Europe.

The UK's offer

In a separate move that must have spoiled Mr Cable's Sunday breakfast, the UK Government, without prompting and totally out of the blue has offered the European Community £36 Billion (40B EUROS) as a divorce settlement as long as they can retain access to the single market.

Considering thus far the talks have been a dismal failure, it is doubtful if the offer will do anything to float Brussels boat; they had set the figure at 60 Billion euros; so the offer is considerably less than they were expecting. Considering the offer has its own built in proviso, that Europe's trade borders remain open and we have an ongoing relationship with each Nation, one can only think that perhaps Mr Cable has a point?

In a country that has lost 40% of its police stations in the past seven years, whose National Health Service and Education system were once the envy and indeed model for many such institutions around the world, but now sadly heading toward financial meltdown. In a country where it appears only MP's are awarded pay rises, 36 Billion would go a very long way to reversing the misfortune heaped on everyone during the past 10 years. It also beggars the question, that if we are going to spend that amount of money to stay in the same place, why leave at all?