Conservative Future members have provided a critical response to Theresa May's recent resignation announcement.

Members of the Conservative Party's youth wing have criticised the Prime Minister for declaring that she will resign on Friday 30th August 2019, five months after Britain will leave the European Union.

The Mirror reported that she invited 15 Tory MPs to Chequers where she handed them prosecco and homemade chocolates on arrival before making her speech. The pressure for her to resign comes after she failed to win a majority at this year's snap election.

Ben Walker, a CF activist in Bath, said: "If the next leader is Jacob Rees-Mogg, then great. I never wanted May as leader and I'll be glad to see the back of her. We either elected Rees-Mogg or go bust!"

Theresa's honesty and commitment to meritocracy is something I really support

However, Nicola Richards, a Tory councillor in Dudley who supported Mrs May's leadership bid last year, said: "Mistakes were made in the 2017 election campaign, but I really believe my overwhelming feeling from Theresa May's leadership will be a positive one.

"I am incredibly proud our party has had two female prime ministers, and Theresa's honesty and commitment to meritocracy is something I really support."

Will Taylor, Vice Chairman of Mid Worcestershire Conservative Future, said Mrs May is right to resign, adding she doesn't have the charisma for the role and the mistakes she made in the recent election have tarnished her reputation.

He said: "She has shown that when facing defeat, she wavers and when facing victory, she becomes far too arrogant to be sound in judgement."

"Her push for more government control over the internet, and restrictions to British citizens' privacy, are particularly dangerous to the nation. Nowadays, people are being sent to prison for tweets or Facebook posts, and all she's done is double-down on this, wasting police time and resources and setting a dangerous precedent for future governments to arrest people for 'offensive speech.'"

Government stability is important

Wellow Tory Councillor Harmeet Singh-Brar said she should not resign and stay on to see Brexit through.

He said she should focus on achieving the best deal for this country and that government stability is important.

Leon Nicholls, a Kensignton CF activist, said he is "quite frankly irritated" over the Prime Minister's resignation announcement. He said the party does not need this distraction during the Brexit negotiations. He added; "Also, it will be open-ended civil war within the Tory ranks, creating damage that is beyond repair for a generation."

Adam Lawless, the youngest Conservative activist in the country who resides in Worcester, said her chosen date was very smart as the party needs her to stay strong on Brexit.

He said he is partly sad to see her go, but in the end, setbacks created in the most recent general election took away any of her positives.

He added: "She may have won the election, but she still humiliated herself and strengthened Labour even more."

Dan Caldicott, a Birmingham CF activist, said she is leaving after Brexit, but it will just leave a 2 year phoney war for successors given there is no one planning to replace her. He added: "It gives the 2010/15 intake two years to see if they can push their image in the party and nationally to see if they could lead and prevent the country from three possible outcomes: Corbyn, Corbyn's successor and Jacob Rees-Mogg."

CF activist Hani Mustafa agreed this is the right move and in the party's best interest in the long-term.

He said she is doing as little damage as possible to Brexit by leaving after March 2019.

She will be gone by September 2019

More than a dozen Conservative politicians have signed a letter demanding the Prime Minister stand down. Yet that falls short of the 48 signatures necessary to trigger a new leadership vote. One Tory MP said she will be gone by September 2019 and cannot lead the party into another general election.

Downing Street has denied Mrs May has picked a leaving date, informing MailOnline this is just silly season. No.10 refused to comment when approached by Metro.