On Saturday, some alt-right Trump supporters turned up at Boston Common to rally for their right to what they called “free speech” (meaning the freedom to spew hate), and they were surrounded and vastly outnumbered by critics of their views from the Black Lives Matter movement and other left-wing groups and activists. The thousands of counter-protestors turned out in order to show the organizers of the rally that their views are not welcome in their city.

Christopher Marino, one of the counter-protestors, told CNN that the huge difference in the small number of right-wing protestors and large number of left-wing counter-protestors is “a statement in itself.” What he means is that there’s more people speaking out against hate than with hate.

There’s a video from the Boston rally in which the anti-rally protestors are chanting, “Shame!” at the organizers, “Game of Thrones”-style.

Mayor of Boston has spoken out against the rally

Marty Walsh, the Mayor of Boston, is not a fan of the rally’s organizers. He has spoken out to comment on the events of Saturday, taking the side of the counter-protestors who made up the vast majority. He noted a positive note to the proceedings, saying, “It’s clear today that Boston stood for peace and love, not bigotry and hate.”