It is understood that Donald Trump will be visiting the UK at some point next year, the BBC has stated. Although Trump accepted an invitation from the Queen to travel on a state visit after Prime Minister Theresa May made the offer in January, there is one big question to ask: should he come or not?

Tackling the issue

What must be said straight away is that this is a complex and difficult question. First of all, the general public do not seem to want Trump to come. This was illustrated clearly by the fact that almost two million people signed one of a number of petitions stating that Trump should not be invited.

And this is significant because PM May does not want to go against the public and risk even further criticism levelled against her. And it is also the case that Trump has offended a large number of people since taking office and meeting with him and supporting him does not look good.

Being realistic

But then there is the pragmatic factor. As Britain leaves the European Union, they need all the friends that they can get. This is not just about trade and economics, but in finding support to combat terrorism, to having a strong friends in the world, as it separates itself from mainland Europe. So as was stated, it is not a simple question.

Whatever decision is taken, it will draw criticism somewhere; whether from her own people or from those across the pond. It is a delicate situation and one that needs to be handled carefully.