It is not out the ordinary, a deal being struck between two parties to form a Government. It goes on around the world. Government formation, as the Guardian newspaper put it, occurs in a number of countries, from Germany to Greece and from Scotland to Spain. But that is not the issue here. In short what is?

The deal

After failing to form a majority government after the general election last month, Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to compromise. And that she did. After a few weeks of haggling and negotiating, a deal was finally secured between the Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (Dup) and the UK Conservative Party.

But it was not this that caused such outrage; it was the nature of the deal. Theresa May's government pledged to give Northern Ireland one billion pounds to help "prop up" her government. And it is this agreement that has caused such anger; in Scotland and Wales, in particular.

Anger caused

Why you may ask? Mainly because there is something called the 'Barnett formula' which seeks to ensure that funds are distributed fairly between the devolved nations. This was especially picked up on by the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who stated that the deal sacrifices "the very basic principles of devolution".

The solution?

So it seems unfair but it may just be the political reality that the government faces.

But certain actions will need to be taken going forwards to satisfy both Wales and Scotland because in many ways it is not fair. But the situation can be resolved. How you may ask? By giving more money to both nations. Sounds simple enough.