If you consider what has happened to President Donald Trump in a mere seven days, you have to ask yourself. Why is he still standing?

Feeling that too many cooks were clogging up the kitchen and messing with the buns, the beleaguered white house spokesman Sean Spicer finally threw the towel in and exited stage-left on Friday. "No matter what 'fake-news' spin you put on the decision, the problem of President Trump and the spectre of Russia were at its very heart.

The new kid in town

Yet wait, enter stage-right looking very much like an extra from the hit TV series 'The Sopranos,' and with a name to match, the ex-Wall St, hedge fund kid, Anthony, 'The Mooch' Scaramucci, has taken to the boards as President Trump's main man in the firing line.

Sadly, the permatanned, glacial-eyed banker is tainted with the same brush: he too has a number of Russian connections; as yet unproven. Although seemingly not content with his Russian effort, Trump began a war on a second front against the Washington Post with a series of late night tweets - what else - after they had criticized his policy in Syria. He was equally bemused by the actions or probably inaction of his son and son-in-law regarding exactly what was their Russian connections, swearing that if they were charged with any offence he would pardon them before ever they came to trial. Bizarrely he also promised to pardon himself if ordered to testify; if that is not the action of a worried man...then what is?

The boy scouts of America

Probably smarting from yet another rebuff in his attempts to oust Obamacare he decided to vent his spleen during an angry and egotistical speech, unfortunately, it was wrong people, wrong place, and certainly wrong time. He chose to berate Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, and the 'fake-news media,' and then boast about his astonishing election win, at the National Jamboree of American Boy Scouts - none of whose young members propelled him to the White-House in the first place?.

Did no one tell him that the event was about enthusing them about the future of their country, rather than regaling them with his own rather dubious exploits? He began to tell what was certainly the beginning of a somewhat risque story about a friend of his before he seemed to lose the thread, or perhaps he realized where he was and to whom he was addressing?

Yesterday he rounded off a troubled week by presenting yet another ill-thought-through plan. By banning all transgender people from serving in the military, he caused nationwide protests, with calls of bigotry and insensitivity towards the LGBT community. Sadly, he had no answer for those already serving...undoubtedly he will unveil that in the next seven action packed days?