The Korean regime has now tested an "IRBM" (Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile). The present missile arose to a height of 1741 miles and flew 900 miles into the Sea of Japan. In case the trajectory was changed the missile range would greatly increase. With increased range, the missile could reach Alaska. Donald Trump has already said that the Americans are at the end of their "strategic patience". He has said that the military option is on the table. He and his generals would be aware that the military option would just lead to a Pyrrhic victory.

If the Americans do attack North Korea the retaliation against South Korea and Japan is on the cards. American action against North Korea may well result in massive destruction in South Korea. CNN International reported this news.

China and North Korea

The North Korean Dictator is a young man. One wonders whether he has any hobbies. president Trump in a Tweet has mentioned whether the Korean leader has anything else to do. Kim Jong-un is an insular man. He feels the security of his regime and North Korea lies in having an effective nuclear deterrent. Much of what the North has achieved now is with the encouragement of China. One is reminded that in 1962 China was in a similar position and yet the Americans did nothing to stop China going nuclear or develop ICBM.

No American commentator has anything to say about this particular period.

North Korean deterrent?

General Mattis has already said that the military option would lead to a great calamity. There is no doubt that North Korea is not Syria. In a way, the Korean leader is correct in having a deterrent.This has saved him from an American attack.

In other words, he has a deterrent. All the same, this could lead to destruction of the Korean Peninsula

Economic sanctions

The Americans have been trying to bring the North Korean regime to reason by economic sanctions. Economic sanctions can only succeed if all nations accept them. Unfortunately, the sanctions against North Korea have not worked.

They have been in force for years. One reason is that China has not played ball. One wonders how sure is Trump that China will rein in the north. It's a tricky situation but Trump may well remember that in a nuclear conflagration there are only losers and survivors.

Last word

Trump has to show statesmanship and make a direct approach to Kim. That may work. A look back in history will show that Ho Chi Minh fought the Americans for 12 years but Vietnam is no longer China's best friend and more open to the USA. They also fought a war with China in 1983.