Narendra Modi is not one of your run-of-the-mill prime ministers. He is a dynamic man and has broken many taboos. One of the taboos was relations with Israel. The Congress government for long was shy of associating with Israel but not Modi. He has broken the shackles that bound the Indian leadership and has embarked on the first visit to Israel. Considering that India recognised Israel in 1950 this period was a long wait till Modi decided to visit Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister Netayanahu has given a warm welcome to Modi. He has personally received him and spoken of Modi as his friend.

The welcome was unprecedented as Israel pulled out all the stops in welcoming the Indian leader. This Times of India has reported this news

India and Israel

India established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, when Narasimha Rao was the prime minister. Relations remained cool because of Arab pressure and the sizeable Muslim population at home. The victory of the BJP and the advent of Modi as prime minister brought about a sea change in Indian attitude. The BJP which is a Hindu revivalist party has always felt a close affinity with Israel. Modi has followed up on this and established close relations including military and economic ties with Israel.


Narasimha Rao had advised Indian intelligence to take the help of the Israeli secret service and since 1992 the intelligence agencies of the two countries are working together.

Israel has signed multi-billion arms deals with India and technology is being shared. Both countries are facing the common threat of extremist Islamic terror and this has drawn them together.

Modi has created history by being the first Indian PM to ever visit Israel. Earlier leaders looked at Israel through the prism of the Arab world but Modi has struck a different path.

Both nations are likely to sign a host of agreements on defence, intelligence, Industry, Agriculture, and Trade. Modi has thrown the past hesitations behind him by charting a bold path of cooperation with Israel.

Closer relations

Modi will be in Israel for 3 days and the Israeli PM will accompany him everywhere. He has also invited the Indian PM for a dinner at his official residence.

The Israeli's are thrilled that Modi has visited Israel as the country is facing a hostile environment with almost all the Arab states lined up against it. In this troubled world, the friendship of India means a great deal.

Modi has turned Indian policy on its head and he has acknowledged that India's relationship with Israel is special. A closer relationship is on the cards. One will have to wait and see how the Arab world reacts.